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Needle-free transfer (NFT) of urine guaranteed safe and hygienic!

Innovation made in Germany: The first urine cups and containers by SARSTEDT with a hygienically closed and needle-free collection system ensure: 

  • Safety and hygiene
  • SingleEasy handling
  • Optimum specimen quality


Urine cups, urine collection bottles, urine monovettes from SARSTEDT

This is how the NFT urine collection system by SARSTEDT makes your work safer and easier!

Maximum hygiene

All system components are odour-tight and leak-proof, making drips, leaks and unpleasant odours a thing of the past.

No risk of needlestick injuries

No risk of pricking or infection thanks to needle-free collection with the Urine Monovette® via the integrated NFT membrane.

Optimum specimen quality

Scientifically proven: collection using the Urine Monovette® provides significantly more intact specimens than all tested vacuum systems.

Sterility guarantee

An intact safety label indicates that the urine cup has not been tampered with.

Easy handling

The intuitive handling is learned from the very first use – without extensive training.

Uncomplicated disposal

The components of the SARSTEDT NFT system do not need to be disposed of separately in a sharps container.

See how the SARSTEDT NFT system works in practice

This short video clearly demonstrates how easy the NFT system is to use and the advantages it has over the conventional method.

Urin-Becher NFT

NFT urine cup

The Urine Monovette® easily pierces the integrated NFT membrane of the NFT urine cup. Following collection, the innovative, pierceable membrane is immediately closed and hygienically sealed, even after multiple specimen collections.

NFT urine container

The large-volume 3 l NFT urine container also ensures that specimen collection remains hygienic and completely odour-free thanks to the closed collection function.

Urine collection bottle 3L NFT
3L urine collection bottle NFT, urine cup, stabiliser, urine monovette

NFT UriSet 24

The complete solution for 24-hour urine collection. The set consists of a 3 l NFT urine container, a practical collection cup, a stabiliser and a Urine Monovette with light protection.


Urine Monovette® and Urine Monovette® with stabiliser

The Urine Monovette® enables hygienic, needle-free specimen collection from urine containers or urine drainage systems. It is available in 10 ml, 8.5 ml and 3.2 ml variants.

The Urine Monovette® Boric Acid reliably stabilises microorganisms at room temperature and has been specially developed for microbiological tests.

Urine monovettes with and without boric acid

How the NFT system works

A needle is no longer necessary with the new needle-free collection function. The Urine Monovette® easily pierces the integrated NFT membrane. Following convenient collection, the innovative, pierceable membrane is immediately closed and hygienically sealed (even with multiple collections). There is no risk of infection from a needlestick injury.


The Urine Monovette® makes your work even more hygienic

NFT urine collection with monovette

1. Drip-free collection

The Urine Monovette® easily pierces the integrated NFT membrane of the urine cup. Following collection, the innovative, pierceable NFT membrane is immediately closed and hygienically sealed.

Urine-Monovette with test strips

2. Urine analysis

Urine analysis is extremely hygienic: Using a commercially available test strip, the analysis can be carried out directly in the filled Urine Monovette® – nothing leaks, drips or is spilled.

SARSTEDT transport case

3. Safe transportation

The Urine Monovette® is suitable for transportation and shipping in accordance with the P650 packaging instruction (ADR and IATA). It can be used in centrifuges and analysers for collecting sediment.

Easy disposal without a separate disposal box

4. Easy disposal

Neither the urine cup with screw cap nor the urine tubes need to be disposed of separately in a sharps container. This saves time and money versus products with an integrated needle..

Everything you need for the safe and needle-free transfer (NFT) of urine

NFT sample set

Your free sample set, which you can request here, contains three NFT urine cups and three Urine Monovettes (10 ml, 8.5 ml & 3.2 ml) – no more leaks or spills from now on.


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Pre Analytical Workflow

Let's work together Discover the 360° solutions for your pre-analytics

SARSTEDT simplifies your work in practice and laboratory with its coordinated products and systems that are consolidated in the pre-analytical workflow product range. Take advantage of the synergies of our systems to simplify all processes before and after the actual laboratory analysis: collection, transport, receipt and distribution of the specimens in the laboratory. As a leading global provider of pre-analytical solutions and systems, SARSTEDT continuously strives to bring greater reliability and efficiency to your work in pre-analytics. 

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